About Us


Long-term Loans

We providing opportunities for growth and capital for expansion. Whatever the purpose of the loan, we have long term payment options to help you realize those goals today.


Start-up Businesses

Focusing on the human elements of wealth creation and funding. We provide services full of business advice and tips helping you formulate vision, strategy, identify areas of innovation with our experience and expertise.


Management buy-outs

Adding value to businesses community and environment. Our service is designed to give management teams and / or exiting shareholders a good understanding of what is achievable before starting on the MBO process.


Santrader International Limited is a cutting edge Properties Investment And Business Development Financing Company that focuses on the human elements of wealth creation and funding providing an invaluable window of opportunity to entrepreneurs in today's competitive business environment. As a private equity and investment group, they invest in high-growth opportunities, start-up businesses, management buyouts and recapitalization transactions. Established a year ago, Santrader International Limited operates from her headquarters in Hong Kong, - China's business, administrative and investment zone. In some cases, Santrader International Limited acts as an intermediary between high net worth individuals/enterprises and entrepreneurs seeking opportunities for growth and capital for expansion. They also provide start-up funding where enough data exists to support a commitment. Research has shown that 83% of business ideas die premature because they lack capital support.

The few that survive to maturity strive because of the management attitude of the entrepreneur and this is their cutting edge. Santrader International Limited aims to encourage, promote and mentor committed entrepreneurs towards actualizing their dreams. They seek to exploit and support individual potentials of committed entrepreneurs towards global wealth creation and capital growth..

In their activities, Santrader International Limited gives preference to innovative products and projects that add value to a business community/environment in such areas as mining, oil drilling, agriculture, real estate, manufacturing, information technology, bio-technology, green technology and social/community development. While they are willing to invest in a wide range of economies and environment, they focus on investing projects in emerging markets and stable economies. Away from the traditional focus on collateralization of capital, they seek to create a harmonious business relationship with entrepreneurs that build confidence and drive for an enduring relationship. Their partners and sponsors have found their business model very encouraging and rewarding, at the same time guaranteeing safety and above average annual return on investments. Santrader International Limited has extensive venture capital and private equity investment experience with a long history of serving as lead investors in Asia, Europe, Russia and CIS states, Scandinavia, and now expanding. Their Six-member investment team has over 32 years of cumulative investment and business development experience and has made investments in a host of companies.

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