Public Notice



Public Notice

Santrader International Limited invests in high-growth opportunities, management buyouts and recapitalization transactions. In order to be well-informed about our company's projects and services, they invite interested parties to visit their website.

Our company was under the attack of hackers and cyber criminals at some point. In the UK, for example, 43% of businesses that participated in the Cyber Security Breaches 2019 survey reported that they’ve experienced a breach or an attack in that year alone which changes in Santrader’s IP address three (3) times in 2020 alone. The first was on April 3rd, then April 15th, and the last time recorded was on July 15th. As there was no corresponding change in Registrar Information alongside the IP change, it is clear that the purpose of these changes was to carry out maintenance on fraudulent activities observed on the companies website.

Santrader was incorporated in Hong Kong, but we now moved to singapore since covid 19, even now with the political climate a neutral place, but currently with sub office in europe gathering our papers for singapore accounts.

For our organisation Santrader International Limited engages in high-risk financial activities and our methods are off an old fashion financial company where before disbursement of funds, we conduct a face to face meeting at our office inside the bank after due diligence is carried out and perfected for disbursement.

Currently due to so many hackers and cyber criminals attack on our website over the internet, we promise to secure all our clients files and information data on our backup drive incase such incident occurs again in the future.

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